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Getting Your Domain Name
By: Ainuddin Mohamad

Since thousands of domain names are registered everyday it is a really very difficult to get a domain name of single phrase in English language and other major languages. Given below are some tips to guide you to decide a domain name of single phrase. 

Avoid Messing around with the New Domains

Most of the good domain names are already registered and owned by someone. Don't settle for number-ridden or a hyphenated domain name unless it is really unavoidable. Don’t despair because with some lucks you would be able to get some good domain names by backordering domain names about to expire in anticipation that the domain would be deleted and made available again.

So what are the resources which you need to know and understand to find expiring time of domains?

1. A good source for domain names already deleted, about to be deleted with info about rank popularity and many other useful advices and tips.

2. This website has a search feature which helps you to see on-hold domain names and expiring domain names by keywords. This is most important and a core resource for finding those domains that you want to own and which will be expiring soon.

3. It is another great website for viewing the domains which are soon-to-expire. This website also offers backordering service and a keyword search.

4. This website is providing an original backordering service. As soon as you find a domain name that attracts you go to and from here you can ‘backorder’ this domain name for $69 only. This confirms that the price for backordering is $69 per domain name and this is registration fees of first year if the domain name is acquired by you.

Other Tricks and Tips

Since many people are using same tools to acquire best expiring domains you should be fast enough to acquire an expiring domain name. Additionally, will only allow one backorder prospect for one domain name. Therefore, you should act quickly when a domain name is available for ‘backordering’.

Patience is important since your ideal name may not come for months. But you should not worry because each day there will be a fresh set of domain names expiring and you could get your choice any day.

Happy hunting!

About The Author

Ainuddin Mohamad is the Webmaster of which is a Directory of Best websites. Since 1998 has featured thousands of best websites in many categories of interest with descriptions/reviews given by leading publications and webmasters.

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