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Halloween Crafts and Costume Ideas

Dracula Soap Dispenser

Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas from Family Fun magazine

Mummy Hands

Hundreds of Halloween Costume Ideas here

Halloween Boxes

Wooden Lawn Figures

From Craftown!
Note: Projects with asterisks (*) have photos
Goblin Party Favors *
Pumpkin Tree*
Raffia Bow Scarecrow *
Grave Ghoulies*
Halloween Pins*
Napkin Holders*
Magician's Cape*
Wine Glass Pumpkin Candle*
Trick or Treat Bags*
Clown Costume*
Treat Keeper*
Kettle and Fire*
Fall Pumpkin Centerpiece *
Tombstones *
Cat Noisemakers *
Fabric Pumpkins *
Hanging Ghosts *
Papier-Mâché Mask *
Yarn Wig *
Hand Goblins *
Wooden Scarecrow *
Pumpkin Display *
Scarecrow Costume
Oh No Pumpkin
Mummy Costume *
Jack-O'-Lantern *
Trick-or-Treat Bags *
Baked Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin Bread
Party Place Cards
Bird Costume*
Witch Dish
Bleach Bottle Cat*
Pumpkin Favors*
Scarecrow Jars
Potato Head Pumpkin
Cat Favors *
Mini Gourd Wreath*
Halloween Game
Scary Silhouettes
Say Boo Pumpkin
Scary Halloween Game
Pumpkin Jars

Halloween Costume Ideas:

Check out Costume Idea Zone for hundreds of inexpensive ideas for Halloween costumes separated out by theme! Awesome!

Homemade Halloween Costumes here...Kids Domain has some wonderful ideas here!
  • Here are some funny last minute ideas for you procrastinators!
  • Homemade Face Make Up from the Family Corner

    1 tsp cornstarch
    1/2 tsp water
    1/2 tsp cold cream
    food coloring

    Stir together starch and cold cream until well blended. Add water and stir, then add food coloring.

    Wash your face and any area that you will be applying the makeup to. Dry thoroughly. Use fingertips to spread onto large areas. Use a small paint brush to paint designs on face. Removes with soap and water. Store in airtight container.

    Homemade Bruises from the Family Corner

    You will need:

    deep blue powder eyeshadow
    charcoal or smoke gray powder eyeshadow
    shimmery green powder eyeshadow
    make up brush

    Using a blot of deep blue powder eye shadow, apply with a wet make up brush. Use your fingertips to add blots of charcoal gray and blue shadows. Touch up the edges with a shimmery olive green. Smudge the bruise to complete.

    Homemade Blood from the Family Corner

    You will need:

    1/2 bottle of light corn syrup
    very hot water
    squirt of liquid soap
    red food coloring
    blue or green food coloring (optional)

    Pour light corn syrup into a bowl and add hot water sparingly, adding and stirring until you have the right consistency. Add a squirt of liquid soap to make it the blood easy to clean off later. Tint with red food coloring. You may add a drop of blue or green if you like to make the blood a darker color. Store in the refrigerator until ready to use. Smear on as needed!

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