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Want to put some *flash* into your presentation? Start here and learn how!   Need some new free backgrounds for
K -12 or for college subjects?
Thinking about adding some music as a background for your presentation? Get some free and learn how to add it.   Have you checked out the Microsoft Faculty website? Great free software and lots of teaching and learning resources here. K- 12 | Higher Education
Do you know how to make a movie from your digital pictures? Watch this YouTube tutorial and learn how   Find pre-made presentations for Educators here. Just customize your own content into these.
If you have Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, learn how to play a video in a shape! Very cool YouTube tutorial.   SCIENCE FAIR - Presentation Backgrounds and Resources for Your Students!
Get animated backgrounds here!   The Annenberg Foundation has created a non-profit, multi-media organization called, which features educational videos that would make great educational aids in the classroom.
Learn how to create an animated PowerPoint template.   Printable School Posters
Create an awesome widescreen presentation and stand out from the crowd!   A useful question timer PowerPoint template from Steve Hocking
- Be sure and thank him!
Get inspired - see other people's presentations at Power Show and share yours as well!   Take the Advanced PowerPoint Graphics course for free - it's an older version of PowerPoint, but the basics are the same!
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