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PowerPoint 97-2003 Templates PowerPoint 2007 Templates
Spring 1 free powerpoint background
free Powerpoint 2007 background
free PowerPoint 2007 background
 Free spring powerpoint background
 free powerpoint 2007 background
 free powerpoint 2007 background
Free Spring green powerpoint background
 free powerpoint 2007 background
free powerpoint 2007 background

New Graphic Downloads

To save graphics to your system, right click on the graphic and choose "Save Picture As..."

Free Flower graphic 1 Free flower graphic 2
Free flower graphic 3 Free flower graphic 4
Free flower graphic 5 Free butterfly graphic
Free penguin graphic Free stars graphic 2
Free zebra graphic 2 Free fire graphic 2

Royalty Free Wave Music Files for Your PowerPoint Presentations

To play just click on the sound icon next to the file name below.
(You must have some .wav player like Windows Media Player. )
 To SAVE, be sure and click on the hyperlink and choose Save File As... You can find more information about music in PowerPoint here on our site along with instructions and more musical categories.

These are created by Tejas Shastry, my brilliant son!

Download Play Download Play
Desi Journey Discord
Kisses in Paradise Medley 1
Moody Loop Shake Your Bootay
Upbeat Funk    

Word Journal Template

Download your free Gratitude Journal in Word format.

Printable Card

Download a free printable card.

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