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More PowerPoint Templates

These useful demos directly from the Microsoft Office site will help you to create better presentations using PowerPoint.

Demo: Brighter online templates make you look smart in PowerPoint
Demos: Microsoft Office System tips and tricks
Demo: Make a yearly sales plan presentation
Demo: Build a consistent and integrated marketing message
Demo: Get the word out on company meetings
Demo: Go online for assistance, training, clip art, and more
Demo: Leave a good impression; distribute a business presentation on CD
Demo: Prepare effective sales presentations
Demo: Plan a successful open house
Demo: Manage employees
Demo: Incorporate technology into your lessons
Demo: How to find the perfect clip right away
Demo: Develop an employee training program
Demo: Present complex data to clients
Demo: Merge multiple presentations into one
Demo: Online Clips, just drag 'em
Demo: Work with charts in presentations
Demo: Choose it, then use it: Copy and paste clip art into your document
Demo: Learn to use Clip Organizer
Demo: Use templates to create presentations
Demo: Implement project-based learning in your classroom
Demo: Develop and pitch project proposals
Demo: Create basic presentations
Demo: Deliver your presentation
Demo: Create a great team environment
Demo: Create eye-catching presentations
Demo: Tell a story with your presentation
Demo: Give your substitute teacher tools for success
Demo: Use storyboards to plan your presentation
Demo: Deliver the most current sales data in presentations
Demo: Integrate the Microsoft Office System into your finance, HR, operations, and sales tasks
Demo: Worried about performance review confidentiality? IRM can help

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