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Here, you can find a comprehensive listing of MBA Online Programs, Online Schools, Distance Learning resources and other useful sites that will help you achieve your goals with a bachelor's or graduate degree.

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All About Accreditation>
Accrediting Agencies that are NOT Recognized (beware of these!)
How to Evaluate a School
MBA Guide
Yahoo!'s Distance Learning Directory
What Colleges are Looking for in an Applicant
The Best 345 Colleges and Universities according to the Princeton Review

Undergraduate Degrees Online:

University of Phoenix Online
Touro University International

Kaplan College
Baker College Online
Capella University
Walden University
Keiser College
American InterContinental University
The Art Institute Online
American College of Computer & Information Sciences
DePaul University
Western Governors University
Mountain State University
Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences
Bellevue University>

MBA Programs Online:

University of Phoenix Online
Walden University
Capella University
Touro University International
Baker College Online
American InterContinental University
Bellevue University

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