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If you can't see the content for the Flash file to the left  (give it a few seconds to load), you need the Flash plug-in for your browser - it's available here at macromedia for free. 

TERMS OF USE:You may download and modify these files for personal & educational use only.ABSOLUTELY NO COMMERCIAL USE PERMITTED. You may not sell, or make these available on a website (or any other media including CDs) as part of a collection.


FreeSwish Source Files: (You will need theSwish program to modify these...) Swish is an absolutely awesome program I began using a few years ago to create and modify Flash files. You can get Swish at

6sig.swi chaostoorder.swi glowingtext.swi Movie3.swi
Ball-Orbit-Around-Word.swi coloroptix.swi imageblur.swi newsampler.swi
blocks.swi CRM.swi lavalamp.swi orbiter.swi
Blue Square Blues.swi digitization.swi mainmovie.swi Peal-Away.swi
brainbettydotcom.swi followertransform.swi motorbike.swi print.swi
rayoflight.swi snowflash.swi susie.swi Spinning Ellipses.swi

Flash .swf Files:  View These Files for Inspiration for your own Projects

2005 Text 2005 Text 2005 Text 2005 Text
2005 Text 2005 Text 2005 Text 2005 Text
2005 Text

Goals_Initiatives.swf blownaway.swf FloatingRaindrops.swf expandingwindow.swf
3DCube.swf bluedotline.swf planeatnight.swf 2001.swf
3dparticle.swf bubbles.swf girl2002.swf 3dballcube.swf
analog.swf Colors1.swf random.swf BarSlideVarient2.swf
bizasusual.swf fish.swf curtain.swf BBdef.swf
blurfadescale.swf bolas2.swf brainbettydotcom.swf circus.swf
circvortex.swf coloroptix2002.swf curtainswelcome.swf CUTTINGCOSTSNEON.swf
  dotcube.swf scrolling_landscape.swf  
fordtext2.swf gearspin.swf GeoWave.swf hellowave.swf
idea.swf july4.swf lightwave.swf lightwave2.swf
line4.swf line5.swf lines.swf mirror.swf
nan.swf nan2001.swf oldblue.swf orbiter.swf
penguins.swf pokemon.swf pool.swf radiant-aarji.swf
Roller.swf Rubik.swf sample8_2001.swf samplewelcomewmusic.swf
spinning gray tiles.swf spiral.swf starwars.swf tensionchain.swf
tooltips.swf Trailcust.swf true_blur.swf tubes1.swf
waves.swf wavy_keyboard.swf welcome.swf zoom.swf

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