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Here you'll find a mishmash of free E-books & Short E-documents - always interesting & informative! Note: in the documents where you can "view" them in your browser - some browsers MAY prompt you for a password. Just click the Cancel button if this happens.

Betty's "Don't Miss This One" Download: The Project Blue Book Files: A 13 page Adobe .pdf file straight from the FBI (censored heavily) but a fabulous read - made available under the Freedom of Information Act! Very Cool Stuff. Download It Now!

Download: A Guide to Internet Auctions

Download: The Basic Computer Lingo Guide

Download: How to Connect 2 PCs with Serial Cable

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Download: High Tea

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Download: Make Traditional Xmas Plum Pudding

Download: 35 Favorite Signature File Quotes

Download: A Guide to Finding The Best Used Car

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Download: 50 Easy Craft Projects with Step by Step Instructions and Pictures!

Download: Steps to a Fab Job as a Private Investigator

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  • Download: How to Be a Leader at Work

  • View: Using Outlook for Project Control

  • Download: How to Get a Job as a Video Game Designer

  • View: Top 20 Office 97 Tips & Tricks

  • Download: Facts Your Mortgage Lender Does Not Want You to know

  • View: The 7 Signs of a Scam

  • Download: 10 Steps to a Job as a Celebrity Personal Assistant

  • View: Learn How to Bake Bread

  • Download: All Natural Household Cleaning Solutions

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  • View: 55 Unique Sewing And Craft Secrets Save Time and Money

  • Download: 21 Items anyone can sell easily by mail

  • View: 100 Ways to $100 Bucks

  • View: Treat Your Friends With A Medieval Feast


  • View: Sixty Uses Of Salt

  • View: 100 Sell Your House Tips

  • View: 100 ways to say i love you

  • View: A Listing of Home Based Business Opportunities

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