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Rating Website: Categories Freeware? Shareware? Demos?
5 Downloads at CNET.Com ALL  - Business, Home, Palm, etc. Hundreds of thousands of files here. Y Y Y
5 WebAttack'sFreeware Section MANY categories, thousands of files here - nicely organized with ratings as well Y Y Y
4 ZD Net Downloads All - lots of downloads, now part of CNET, now better categorized and has great content Y Y Y
5 Office Depot's Downloadable Forms Online Probably the best kept secret on the web - a simply awesome site with hundreds of downloads of standard forms & templates for business and personal use. Y N N
3 PrintFree.Com Lots of free printables here: calendars, cards, pictures and more Y N N
3 Free Technical Books Online! Find all kinds of topics here - most technical - on Operating Systems, Programming Languages and more - the site has Russian banners, but all English content. Y N N
3 Free Graphics.Com This is more of a portal site to other free graphics sites but it has good ratings and descriptions so you don't waste a lot of time "looking" for the graphics you need. Y N N
3 Free EBooks Plenty here - but links are iffy sometimes; good stuff though - lots of interesting and useful reads! Y N N
4 Freeware for Palm An excellent site for downloading software for your Palm handheld device. Y Y Y

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