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Fuel Economy Site - The site contains a variety of publications on fuel economy, purchasing a new or used car, insurance cost comparisons, automobile manufacturers and much more.
Buying a New Car. Here’s a step-by-step guide that is a helpful tool for bargaining with dealers. 2 pp. (1999. FTC)  A pdf version is available

Buying a Used Car. Discusses your limited rights when buying from a dealer or private owner. 16 pp. (2008. FTC A pdf version is available

How to Get a Great Deal on a New Car. Use these proven negotiation techniques to save money on your next car. 4 pp. (2007. USDA A pdf version is available

Nine Ways to Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs. Helpful information on reducing your expenses. Includes a chart to compare discounts when shopping for insurance. 2 pp. (2003. USDA A pdf version is available

U.S. Government Auto Auctions. Learn about the General Services Administration (GSA) Auto Auctions program and use the handy checklist to buy a quality car at a great price. 3 pp. (2007. GSA) A pdf version is available

Understanding Vehicle Financing. Get the facts on dealership financing—what it is, how to apply, special financing offers, cash back and rebate eligibility. 10 pp. (2007. FTC)
 A pdf version is available
2010 Fuel Economy and Guide - This guide helps car buyers choose the most fuel-efficient vehicle that meets their needs.

Air Bags & On-Off Switches - Discusses when using air bags is unsafe and specific steps to take to reduce the risk. Describes on-off switches and who should consider installing them. Includes the required form to request an on-off switch.

Child Transportation Safety Tips - This illustrated guide provides nine tips on how to protect your baby, what type of safety seat to use, how to secure a safety seat, and air bag safety. (PDF file)

Consumer Tire Guide - Learn how to check for proper air pressure and signs of uneven wear; how and why to rotate your tires; special care in cold weather, and more.

Gas-Saving Products: Fact or Fuelishness? - Avoid fraudulent "gas-saving" advertising claims and get better gas mileage. (PDF file)

How to Find Your Way Under the Hood & Around the Car - Instructions for 14 preventive maintenance services you can perform on your car.

How to Maintain Your Tires - Get the best mileage and the most use out of your tires with these tips on inflating, rotating, and checking them properly.

Keys to Vehicle Leasing - Learn the difference between leasing and buying a car. Explains required information on a lease agreement, as well as your rights and responsibilities.

Renting a Car - Outlines points to consider and questions to ask when you rent a car. Explains key terms: collision damage waiver, personal accident insurance, personal effects coverage, and fees such as mileage fees and airport surcharges. (PDF file)

Vehicle Repossession: Understanding the Rules of the Road - Discusses your creditor's rights in seizing and reselling your car for nonpayment, and explains deficiency - the difference between what you owe on your loan and what your creditor gets for reselling your car. (PDF file)

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