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How to Get a Job in the Federal Government. Here's a step-by-step plan to find and apply for federal jobs. Tells how to understand vacancy announcements, develop your résumé, and other useful tips. 24 pp. (2004. DOL A pdf version is available

Job Dislocation: Making Smart Financial Choices after a Job Loss. pp. (. FCIC) A pdf version is available

Résumés, Applications, and Cover Letters. Use this helpful guide's samples to prepare a winning cover letter and résumé. 15 pp. (1999. DOL) A pdf version is available

Work Changes Require Health Choices. Protect Your Rights.. Whether you’re starting your first job, looking for a new one, planning for retirement or dealing with job loss, it’s important to know how your change in employment status will affect your health care options. Learn how to protect yourself and your dependents with each turn of events. 2 pp. (2005. DOL A pdf version is available

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