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100 Questions and Answers About Buying a New Home - This great guide focuses on finances--from how much home you can afford, to various mortgage loan programs, insurance, taxes, and more.

5 Tips for Shopping for a Mortgage - Buying a home should be a dream come true not a nightmare of worry and stress. "5 Tips for Shopping for a Mortgage," will help consumers avoid potential pitfalls and make well-informed decisions when choosing a home loan.

Automatic and Programmable Thermostats - How to choose which of the five basic types is best for your home and will help you save the most money and energy.

Beware of Foreclosure Rescue Scams - If it's too good to be true, it probably is. Protect yourself from opportunity hunters and frauds.

Borrower's Guide to Home Loans - Here's how to find the best loan when shopping for home equity loans and reverse mortgages.

Buying Your Home: Settlement Costs and Information - Describes the home buying, financing, and settlement (closing) process. Also gives tips on shopping for a loan.

Drinking Water From Household Wells - Families with their own wells are responsible for maintaining them and making sure that the water is safe to drink. Here are the facts on sources of pollution and how to keep your water safe. (PDF file)

Electrical Safety Precautions During Disasters - Follow these safety tips when dealing with electricity during and after storms and other disasters to prevent death, injuries, and property damage. (PDF file)

Energy Efficient Mortgage Home Owner Guide - If you're buying, refinancing, or remodeling, save money with a mortgage that covers energy-saving repairs.

Fire Safety Checklist for Older Adults - Older people are at special risk for death and injury from fires. To protect yourself and those you care about, follow the tips in this booklet.

Fixing Up Your Home and How to Finance It - Information about hiring a contractor, doing the work yourself, and the HUD Title 1 home improvement loan program.

For Your Protection Get a Home Inspection - Understand the difference between a home inspection and an appraisal, the benefits of and protection provided by a home inspection, and how to find a qualified home inspector. (PDF file)

Great American Home Safety Check - Gives important tips to help stop slips/falls, poisoning, and fire/burns--the leading causes of home safety issues in the U.S. (PDF file)

Guide to Avoiding Foreclosure - Whether you're in foreclosure now or worried about it in the future, here is some information that can help.

Home Equity Conversion Mortgage at a Glance - This type of mortgage, also called a federally insured reverse mortgage, allows people 62 and over to borrow against the equity in their homes without having to repay the loan as long as they are living in the home. Get the details on eligibility, fees, loan distribution and repayment, and more. (PDF file)

Home Modifications - Home modifications are changes made to adapt living spaces to meet the needs of people with physical limitations so that they can continue to live independently and safely. These modifications may include adding assistive technology or making structural changes to a home. Learn what modifications are right for you, how to pay for home modifications and where to go for more information.

Homeowner's Glossary of Building Terms - Taking on a home improvement project can open a whole new world of terms you may not know. Here's a quick reference to help you keep up with the language of the trade.

HUD and Acting Surgeon General Unveil National Strategy to Produce Healthy Homes - There must be a coordinated national effort to produce healthier housing. That was the central message from U.S. Housing and Urban Development Deputy Secretary Ron Sims and Acting Surgeon General Steven K. Galson as they issued a national 'call to action' to confront the prevalence of home-related preventable diseases such as lead poisoning and asthma. During a news conference at the National Building Museum, Sims and Galson unveiled HUD's Healthy Homes Strategic Plan and the Surgeon General's Call to Action to Promote Healthy Homes as a coordinated effort with other public and private partners to stimulate a national dialogue about creating healthier homes.

Improving the Efficiency of Your Duct System - Fix potential problems that can affect your family's health and comfort and cost you money.

Indoor Air Hazards Every Homeowner Should Know About - Get rid of molds, carbon monoxide, radon, asbestos, lead, tobacco smoke, and other pollutants. (PDF file)

Indoor Electrical Safety Check - Quick and easy tips to make your home safe from electrical hazards. (PDF file)

Is Foreclosure Knocking at Your Door? - If you are having financial difficulties, there are mortgage modification programs to help you.

Making Your Home Safe from Fire and Carbon Monoxide - Prevent fires, protect yourself with smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, keep carbon monoxide out of your home, and develop an emergency home escape plan for your family. - Information on federal home loan modification and refinancing program. Offers features including interactive self-assessment tools to help boowers determine if they're eligible to participate and calculate the monthly mortgage payment reductions they may under the Making Home Affordable program.

Managing the Japanese Beetle: A Homeowner's Handbook - Discusses how to detect and control Japanese beetles, and choose plants that resist Japanese beetle feeding. (PDF file)

Mortgage Servicing: Making Sure Your Payments Count - When you get a mortgage, you may think that the lender will hold and service your loan until you pay it off or sell your home. Thatís often not the case. In todayís market, loans and the rights to service them often are bought and sold. In many cases, the company that you send your payment to is not the company that owns your loan.

Outdoor Electrical Safety Check - Detailed guide to preventing outdoor electrical hazards that can cause fires and dangerous shocks. (PDF file)

Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home - Exposure to lead is dangerous, especially to young children. Learn how to check your home for signs of lead. (PDF file)

Saving With Energy Star - How to choose products with the Energy Star label to help save energy, help the environment, and reduce the costs of utility bills.

Shopping for Your Home Loan: HUD's Settlement Cost Booklet - This booklet will help you become familiar with how interest rates, points, balloon payments, and prepayment penalties can affect your monthly mortgage payments. In addition, there is important information about your loan after settlement, including how to resolve loan servicing problems with your lender, and steps you can take to avoid foreclosure.

Should You Have Your Air Ducts in Your Home Cleaned? - Tips on deciding if your ducts need cleaning, choosing a cleaning service, evaluating health claims, and keeping ducts clean.

Surges Happen! How to Protect the Appliances in Your Home - Find out what power surges are, what appliances need protection, and what devices work best. (PDF file)

Turning "Fixer-Uppers" into Dream Homes - Learn how you can get a long-term mortgage that includes the costs of reconstructing, modernizing, or eliminating health and safety hazards in your home. Find out what properties are eligible, what improvements are covered, and how to apply. (PDF file)

Water on Tap: What You Need to Know - Explains where it comes from and how it's treated, what contaminants are, and what to do in case of a problem with either your public or private water supply. (PDF file)

Weather Patterns Are Changing, and So Are Your Chances of Being Flooded - In recent years, 2 out of every 3 U.S. natural disasters were flood related. Learn how to obtain the flood insurance you should have.

Weathering the High Cost of Heating Your Home - Evaluate your heating system's energy efficiency, buy energy-efficient appliances, and get the best prices on heating oil. (PDF file)

Winter Fires - Safety Tips for the Home - Fire safety and prevention during the colder months of the year are the topics covered in this flyer. Safety tips on alternate heating sources (wood stoves, electric space heaters, and fireplaces) and furnaces are featured.

Your Move Packet - Three helpful booklets to help you choose a reputable mover, select the right level of liability insurance to protect your possessions, and deal with any problems on an interstate move. Includes a "before you move" checklist.

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