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Avoiding Office Supply Scams - Learn the most common office scams and tips to avoid receiving overpriced or unordered merchandise. (PDF file)

Consumer Guide to Buying a Franchise - Want to start your own business? Find out about the benefits of franchise ownership, the limitations, choosing the best franchise for you, and investigating franchise offerings. (PDF file)

Doing Business with GSA - The General Services Administration (GSA) buys a wide variety of products and services for federal agencies. Learn about GSA's contracting opportunities. (PDF file)

General Information Concerning Patents - Learn about patent laws, application procedures, costs, and more in this revision Includes application form with instructions.

Introduction to Federal Taxes for Small Business/Self-Employed - Explains what you need to document expenses and deductions and file federal taxes.

Is Your Business Everybody's Business? - Tips for small businesses to help keep their information systems safe. (PDF file)

Q's & A's for Small Business Employers - Use this guide to develop an effective safety and health program, identify safety hazards, reduce injuries, and more. (PDF file)

Small Business Resource Guide - Helpful CD-ROM contains business tax forms, instructions, and publications, plus guidance on preparing a business plan, financing your business, and more.

Using Credit Reports: What Employers Need to Know - Explains the legal steps you must take when using credit reports to hire or evaluate employees. (PDF file)

Virtual Small Business Tax Workshop - Covers a variety of small business tax issues including payroll taxes, electronic filing, and the latest tax law changes that may affect the small business owner.

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