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Download Free Printable School Posters

These are printable posters for your use at school. They are in PowerPoint  (so you'll need PowerPoint to open them after you unzip them). You can enlarge them for use for school events. The pictures below are representative of the graphic but the actual size is 8.5 x 11 (and can be enlarged on copiers... I've tried to leave space on some of these so you can add other information with marker...
free school carnival printable poster free red ribbon week printable poster
Download this one: Fall Carnival Download this one: Red Ribbon Week
free art club printable poster free "auditions" printable poster
Download this one: Art Club

Download this One: Auditions

free band printable poster free school ounselor printable poster
Download: Join Band

Download: Guidance Counselor

free school orchestra printable poster free cheerleading tryouts printable poster
Download: Join Orchestra Download: Cheerleading Tryouts
free school track and field printable poster
Download: Join Track

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